"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."
Colossians 3:23

2011 School Championship Spring Results- Final        
Forms  Gold Silver  Bronze 4th 5th
Men Adv Zach Crawford David Curry Andy Granberry Fred Stewart Luke van der Merwe
Men High Int Marvin White Orlando Guatzozon Matt Akers    
Women Adv Tamika Curry Ellender Yarbrough  Laura van der Merwe Stacy Daugherty  
10 to 14 Adv Boys/Girls Jake Rogers Chloe Granberry Isaac Anderson    
10 to 12 Int Boys Josue Dias Tyler Hendrix Santana, Ordonez Jr    
Int Girls Danielle Curry Haley Masner Kelsi Armstrong    
6-9 Int Boys Elias Diaz Giovanni Ordonez      
Weapons Gold Silver  Bronze 4th 5th
Youth Adv Danielle Curry Isaac Anderson      
Adult Adv Tamika Curry Zach Crawford David Curry    
Fighting  Gold Silver  Bronze 4th 5th
Youth (Boys) Jake Rogers Danielle Curry Isaac Anderson    
Women Laura van der Merwe Tamika Curry Ellender Yarbrough     
Men David Curry Fred Stewart Marvin White Zach Crawford  
2011 SMAA Grand Champion Danielle Curry