"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."
Colossians 3:23

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By Larry Rea
Special to Faith & Values
July 22, 2006

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Alana Blackstone

"Our classes begin in prayer and the pledge to the flags (Christian and
U.S.) and then end in prayer," says Robert Blackstone, with his
sons Aaron (on left) and Ethan. At back is
James Sylvester. Blackstone operates his business out of Forest Hill Baptist Church in Germantown.

Bible Belts

Prayer, intent on a Christ-centered physical activity, animate this karate ministry

If you don't believe -- and believe has got to be one of Robert Blackstone's favorite, and most used, words -- Robert Blackstone's
Karate Institute is based on faith, check out his Web site at blackstoneskarate.com.

You'll find faith everywhere; from the multiple use of Bible scripture to the closing line on each page: "Classes continue as long
 as the Lord provides."


For sure, this is a man of faith.

To participate in one of Blackstone's beginner class the student must sign a waiver and fill out a registration form. After that,
 students may participate in any beginner class "as a donation-only basis."

Students are encouraged to donate, but the amount is up to the student.

It's suggested that beginners make a $5 donation, but students "may give more or less and continue to train."

How's that for a faith-based business? Give what you can when you can.

It has been that way since Blackstone, a 1989 graduate of the University of Memphis, first developed his Shiloh Defensive Arts
System in 1992.

"This ministry developed out of much prayer and a desire to see individuals and families participate in a Christ-centered physical
 activity while setting personal goals, getting fit and doing all of this as a family," said Blackstone. Born in
San Luis Obispo, Calif.,
he moved with his family to
Memphis and graduated from Kirby High in 1984.

"Our classes begin in prayer and the pledge to the flags (Christian and U.S.) and then end in prayer," said Blackstone, who operates
 his business out of
Forest Hill Baptist Church, which is at 3645 Forest Hill-Irene in Germantown. He and his family (wife Alana,
 children Aaron, 14; Ethan, 12;
Lydia, 7, and Asa, 3) are members.

Using Blackstone's Shiloh belt system, students advance from white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, red and finally to
 the coveted black belt.

"We have tied each belt rank to a fruit of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23," Blackstone said, which says, "But the fruit of the Spirit
 is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."

Membership is required in order to obtain belt ranks, Blackstone said, with a one-time registration fee of $20 ($80 cap per family)

"This donation-driven ministry would not be possible if it were not for the leadership and staff of Forest Hill Baptist Church and their
 desire to see lives changed through the power of Jesus Christ," Blackstone said.

Class dates are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 7 p.m. (beginner) and 7-8 p.m. (advanced).

For additional information, call 832-0600 or e-mail rblackstone@blackstoneskarate.com.

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Each belt rank is tied to a fruit of the Spirit found in Galatians, says Robert Blackstone, with students Jonah Sidhom (left) and Joseph Poirier.
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