"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."
Colossians 3:23

Uniform and Patch Placement Guidelines

All students are allowed to wear Black, White, Red or Blue Uniforms. All members will receive the required RBKI School Patch when they join as an official member.
(Additional School Patches are available for purchase.)

Flag Patches

American and Christian flags are approved but not required for your uniform. The American flag should be worn on the right shoulder. The Christian flag should be worn on the left shoulder.

Honor Societies

We recognize 3 Honor Societies within our organization and they are the Evangelism Team, Instructor Committee, and the Special Teams. These chevrons should be worn on the left sleeve under the Christian flag when present.

The Evangelism Team (GOLD chevron)

These are our members who have lead an individual to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and/or
lead an Individual through the Paul/Timothy Discipleship course to help new believers in establishing their new life in Christ. Students who share their personal testimony in a public forum in order to provide opportunities for people to receive salvation through Jesus Christ and Him alone are also eligible for the evangelism team.

The Instructor Committee (RED chevron)
These are members that are Brown Belt or higher who are trained in leadership
and have signed our "Statement of Faith" and are compelled to teach both the physical and spiritual goals of our system.

The Special Teams (BLUE chevron)

 These are members who are chosen for the Demo team or placed 1st, 2nd,or 3rd in at least 3 open competitions in one of these disciplines Forms, Fighting or Weapons.